Case Studies

Read Our Case Study: Pre-Approved ADU’s: A Tool for Revitalizing California’s Affordable Housing Struggle 

encinitas case study

 In this case study, we use data from the City of Encinitas' Permit Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (PRADU) Program to examine the success of 'pre-approved' ADU plans in boosting more affordable options for renters. Based on Encinitas' program, we provide policy recommendations applicable to Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Region. 

Understanding CEQA Litigation & Delays Using Friends of Riverside's Hills v. City of Riverside

CEQA CAse Study

In this case study, we examine some of CEQA’s strengths and weaknesses using an exemplar lawsuit: Friends of Riverside’s Hills vs. City of Riverside. Additionally, we present selected CEQA statistics and an overview of the CEQA process to provide clarity on an often circuitous seeming process. Finally, we present policy recommendations for CEQA modernization and reform based on this case study.